I love words. Words can be designed to sell, to teach, and to connect with the appropriate audience at the perfect time. Every position in my career has involved writing and teaching, because I am passionate about both.

As an instructional designer, consultant, and university instructor, I am able to combine my skills and deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. In addition, applying what I know about writing online makes me a digital rhetorician. I am able to make words do things online. I speak on these issues to students and instructional designers.

Enterprising and forward-thinking best describes the way I work. I attempt to make every instructional design project and each lesson a unique creation. When speaking to groups, I begin with “Why?” so they will leave asking, “Why Not?”

My passion is teaching, but for fun I like to create instructional courseware. I am always looking for great projects needing an innovative instructor or instructional designer.


Lisa is an English professor at Georgia Northwestern Technical College and a Communication professor at Kennesaw State University.headshotbooks.jpg